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custom cooperage small oak barrels, wooden kegs & wine casks & related glass & iron works

Customisations and variations available for our wine and liquor's oak barrels, casks and kegs and other related qlass items include the following:

  • Specific liter capacities
  • Different oak, darker finishing, verniched or natural and lacquered
  • Various galvanised steel rings, silver, black or yellow
  • Cork, wooden bungs or specially modified bungs
  • Wine and liquor glass items and customisations
  • Subject to certain conditions, we can also accept orders for customised barrels of different sizes, finishing or wood material for deco projects. Should you have such requirement please contact us for a pre-eliminary quotation.

 Our full contact address and details are as follows:

Renaissance Arts Company Limited, 3, Triq il-Hut, M'Scala  ZBR10, Malta, Europe
Tel:  +356 21 632623 Fax: +356 21 632623       e-mail:

Contact : Neville Cassar

Malta Registered Company Number C31695 , VAT Registration Number MT16751619 

Bankers: Bank of Valletta PLC, M'Scala Branch, 23, Dun Tarcisio Agius Sqr, M'Scala ZBR09 Malta

Tel +356 21 637577/8 Fax +356 21 637850